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...collecting Mana, fighting with the enemy, summoning creatures, you can spend your time in a very interesting way. Pretty graphics, an ability to play either with people or your computer, single games and tournaments - all this guarantee you a couple of exciting hours...

...while it certainly won't turn many people into card game lovers, Astral Masters does offer a challenging experience for those willing to put the time into it. Fans of collectible card games will definitely appreciate the game (especially because of the low price)...

...for such a small release it does an impressive job of basically cloning the Magic: The Gathering card game and translating it into an easy to play windows game...

Game mechanics, game rules

The game Astral Masters combines the best features of the computer game called Astral Tournament and collection card games. Two players compete in this turn-based game. Each of them fights against the opponent casting various spells and summoning fantastic creatures to his side. You can play either against the computer (both in single games and in tournaments) or against other people.

Some interesting cards

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System requirements

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amsetup.exe - 8.3Mb
Astral Masters 1.91

amsetup191it.exe - 8.3Mb
Astral Masters 1.91 (Italian)

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